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First Responder Awareness Level

Duration: 0.5 days (4 Hours)

If you have workers who are likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release and whose only responsibility will be to initiate an emergency response sequence by notifying the proper authorities of the release, and you do not want them to take any further action notifying the authorities and evacuating the area, then the First Responder Awareness level training is appropriate.

COST: $600 Maximum size 15

First Responder Operational level

Duration: 1 day  (8 hours)

If you have workers that are expected to respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances as part of the initial response for the purpose of initiating actions to limit the release without becoming contaminated with it, containing the release from a safe distance, keep it from spreading, and prevent exposures in order to protect nearby persons, property, or the environment from the effects of the release without trying to stop the release, then the First Responder Operations Level training is appropriate.

COST: $1200 Maximum size 15

First Responder Materials Technician Level

Duration: 24 hour at a fixed industrial site

If you expect your workers to respond when a release or potential release of hazardous substances are discovered, for the purpose of stopping that release by approaching the point of release in order to plug, patch or otherwise stop the release, and cleanup the spill, then First Responder Materials Technician level training is appropriate.  These workers must be provided with the required personal protective equipment (respirators and clothing) to safely work with the materials and to approach the point of release and control it without becoming contaminated by it.

COST: $3600 Maximum size 15