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The construction site is a hazardous place to work, especially when there are several contractors working on the same project. Having a full time safety professional on site to watch out for hazards and get them abated is essential to a safe work site.
Our team and network of qualified, dedicated safety professionals will help you provide that interface between project managers and the workforce to do the job safely and keep your workers comp rates down.
If you have a construction project or a major renovation project that requires safety support let Midwest Safety Consulting assist you. We provide the guidance and ensure compliance with OSHA or MSHA regulations. We will help solve your safety issues and provide consulting to get the job done safely and efficiently, Whether your project is a long term or short duration project we will be there to help.
We offer safety training in all areas of OSHA and MSHA compliance.

Midwest Safety Consulting also can provide a team to support your work in the following specialty areas:

  • Confined space rescue team
  • High angle stand by rescue team
  • Fire watch
  • EMT – first responders

On the construction site our safety professionals can:

  • Conduct site audits and hazard assessments
  • Fall protection plans and rescue plans
  • Daily toolbox talks and weekly safety meetings
  • Safety training
  • Incident investigations
  • Confined space permits
  • OSHA interface

We believe to keep a worksite safe and to promote safe work behaviors our staff spends a majority of their time out with the workforce.