/Ansi Standard Requirements
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OVERVIEW: There are a number of significant changes with the new ANSI/ASSE z359.2 – 2007 standard. The new standard clearly defines the responsibilities of the following positions; Authorized person, Authorized Rescuer, Competent Person, Competent Person Trainer, Competent Person Rescuer, Competent Person Rescuer Trainer, Program Administrator, Qualified Person. All positions require training by a Competent Person or Qualified Person Trainer. Additionally, there is expanded responsibility and definition of the general worker now referred to as the “Authorized Person”.


The new standard clearly identifies the responsibility of an employer to: develop and implement a fall protection policy, provide adequate fall hazard abatement before employees can perform workplace activities, provide and verify that continuous fall protection is available for their employees, have a Competent Person to supervise all work activities and deliver the appropriate training to all functions that work at heights. Within the new standard, refresher training is now required every year or two depending on title. This is a significant change versus previous standards and requires that all functions physically demonstrate their designated competencies for fall protection.
Minimum requirements for a comprehensive fall protection program:

  • Fall protection policy
  • Duties and training
  • Fall protection procedures
  • Hazard survey
  • Eliminating fall hazards
  • Controlling fall hazards
  • Rescue procedures
  • Incident investigation
  • Program evaluation

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